Ashleigh “py” Hetrick
373 River Oaks Cir, San Jose CA 95134
Cell: 707-245-9336


- I am pursuing a career in the game industry that will allow me to further my knowledge of illustration, character design, and conceptual conceptial design.


- Featured in multiple digital and physical publications such as: Fushion Publishing Girls of Gaming Vol 8, treet Fighter Tribute Book, Darkstlkers Tribute Book, Imaginefx Magazine Fxpose October 2009, Imaginefx Magazine Fxpose October 2009, ImagineFX - How to Draw and Paint Manga, Moon Crisis 2014 Tribute show.


Collins College
  - AoA: Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Computer and Traditional Animation (12/2003)


Freelance (2003 - Present) [Freelance Concept Artist, Designer, Animator]

Gaia Interactive (01/2010 - Present)
Senior Creative Director

  - Manage a large in house and off site team to create a product directed for the young adult market.
  - Sprite asstest, illustrations, animation, character design work, and UI/UX assets for various projects.

Contractor Concept Designer (03/2013 - 05/2013)

  - Created concept designs for My Little Pony: Rainbow Rocks

Zombie Studios / GREE International
Art Director (05/2011 – 11/2011)

  - Director a team for an unannounced title for iOS and Android devices.
  - Character designer, UI/UX Design work, and 3d texturing

Contract 2d Artist
(07/2009 - 12/2009)
  - 2d assets and character design for iOS titles

Gorilla System Corp (11/2008 - 05/2009)
Concept artist/Texture artist/ 2D designer

 - Concept art, texturing, product design, sprite work for wii and ds, graphics and all other 2D items for the Nintendo Wii/DS platform.

Humoring the Fates (08/2005)
Storyboard Artist

  - Storyboarding for Mattel’s “Polly Pocket: Polly world” Feature Film

Project 450 (09/2005 - 09/2007)
Studio Animator/Designer
Animation, Inks, Colors and Designs for various projects.

  - Contract Animator - September 2005 (SpikeTV Commercial)
Completed key frames included in pre-production work for a commercial for SpikeTV's 2005 Video Game Awards.

  - Contract Animator - September 2005 (FedEx/NFL)
Flash puppet animator, and cut scene animator for a promotional online football game for and the NFL.